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Car Door Speaker Bass Ring

Car Door Speaker Bass Ring

Car Door Speaker Bass Ring

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Number of Pieces: 4

Just as you would never put a home speaker behind a bookcase, you want to direct all the output of the speakers we install into the vehicle.

Without our rings, the sound that gets lost in between the door and trim panels can cause vibrations and cancellations that reduce the performance of your audio system. Nobody wants mushy mid-bass or honky mid-range, do they?

With these rings, your system will have tighter bass and mid-bass response. Mid-range clarity will be improved, making vocals clearer and more defined. If you are using a coaxial speaker, even the performance of the tweeter can be improved. You will hear more highs, and the clarity and detail will be enhanced.

No more echos and unwanted reflections on hard surfaces, such as inside a car door.