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3D Brick Wallpaper

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Size: 77cm x 70 cm / 30 in x 27.5 in

Thickness: 6mm or 8mm

3D wallpaper does not block sound completely. However, compared to normal wallpaper, a 3D decorative wallpaper such as this has a better noise reduction effect due to its thickness and material.

As you may know, the thicker the material between two matter, the more resistance the sound waves have to pass through. As such, less sound will get to the other side of the room. Choose between 6mm or 8mm thickness.

This wallpaper is non-toxic and odor free, is safe for the environment and your children. It provides a family-safe home space.

Our 3D wallpaper comes in a multitude of designs and colors, providing you with endless options to decorate your room. 

It also comes in an easy, self-adhesive design which makes installation a breeze. Just peel it, align and paste it onto your wall. 

The 3D wallpaper is also moisture-proof and mould-proof.