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Multi-Purpose Sound Blocking Sheet

Multi-Purpose Sound Blocking Sheet

Multi-Purpose Sound Blocking Sheet

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Size: Approx. 1mx2m
Thickness: 3mm
Weight: Approx. 440g

Our sound blocking sheet is designed to block the most stubborn of airborne sound waves.

It is dense enough to effectively repel sound wave, malleable and soft to absorb the energy of noise vibration and to prevent it from resonating, and is unbroken so that sound waves do not pass through.

It is super flexible that you can bend it around curves. It also acts as a thermal insulation to keep your home and car warm during winter, cool during summer.

Home Install Locations: walls, floors, ceilings, soundproof boxes, generator boxes, PVC pipes, HVAC ducts, doors, mechanical rooms, machinery enclosures, office partition walls

Automotive Install Locations: cabin side firewall, car floor, trunk, on top of wheel wells, and back wall