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Acoustic Foam Panels - Egg Crate - 1.5 Inches Thick - 1 Pcs

Acoustic Foam Panels - Egg Crate - 1.5 Inches Thick - 1 Pcs

Acoustic Foam Panels - Egg Crate - 1.5 Inches Thick - 1 Pcs

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Pattern: Egg Crate

Size: 10 in x 10 in x 1.5 in / 25 cm x 25 cm x 4 cm

Colors: Multiple

Number of Pieces Per Order: 1

🏆 Above Industry Average of 1 Inch Thickness

Designed for Performance - The egg crate pattern on this thick polyurethane foam product is designed to trap hard-to-control bass frequencies, effectively flutter echoes and reduce excess reflections and reverberation. It also improves vocal clarity and acoustics of your room. It is so effective in reducing noise that it is used in many firearm shooting ranges.

Professional Grade — It is made with high density acoustic foam cell structure for maximum noise absorption with maximum protection against rips or tears. It is also fire retardant.

Ease of Installation —  Our acoustic foams are light weight and can be attached to a variety of surfaces. Use it on your walls, ceilings, doors and even windows. No special tools or materials are needed.

Visually Appealing - The egg crate pattern of the Acoustic Foam creates a visually unique environment and is available in a variety of colors. 

Wide Range of Uses —  Acoustic Foams can be used almost anywhere low frequency reverberation (echo) is an issue. Ideal for use in recording studios, home theaters, large room or even just your bedroom for more peace and quiet.

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We may split your order into multiple shipments for postage. Due to shipping requirements, we may compress (vacuum sealed) the acoustic foam for easy shipping.

Please kindly give up until 24 to 48 hours for the foam to restore its normal size, or soak it in water for faster restoration.