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Signature Noise Reducing Blackout Curtain (Hooks)

Signature Noise Reducing Blackout Curtain (Hooks)

Signature Noise Reducing Blackout Curtain (Hooks)

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✔️ Noise-Reducing

✔️ Privacy Protecting

✔️ Keeps Energy Bill Low

✔️ Durable & Washine-Washable

Our signature noise-canceling curtain is made of extremely thick polyester material that not only cancel out the sounds of the outdoors, but helps reduce echo from the sounds within your own home.

It does this while also keeping out light glares and other similar distractions, allowing you to focus better on the task at hand. It doubles-up as a blackout curtain, hence keeping your room dark when you need it, giving you the privacy and peace you deserve.

Our curtain is a triple-weaved blackout fabric, sewn with two thick layers, which helps to block out summer heat and winter chill and keep the energy bill low, while protecting your privacy. There's no chemical coating nor harmful chemicals like formaldehyde. It is eco-friendly.

The premium quality finishing is also durable and machine-washable, ensuring many years of continuous use.

It's time you have a peaceful candlelight dinner with your sweetheart, unwind peacefully after a long day at work, or enjoy your TV time without all the distractions and outside noise.